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Hammering Down On Olsa Tools’ Conversion Rate By Improving User Experience

Project Services

optimization, development

Project Industry

Tools & Equipment

Project Timeline

5 months

Project Technologies

Gatsby, Shopify, Klaviyo, Google Analytics

Project Results


Conversion Rate


Average Order Value


Time To Interactive

Project Overview

Olsa Tools is an ecommerce brand whose goal is to offer the highest quality tool organizers and hand tools for the money in the United States and Canada. After struggling to improve conversion rates on their website in the past they decided to partner with Atomic Digital Studio.

Olsa Tools' mobile and desktop website design

Project Objective

Olsa Tools came to us with a simple goal; Increase the percentage of users who make a purchase on their online store. After our initial meetings we determined they also had secondary goals of increasing the percentage of repeat customers and reducing customer confusion, particularly during checkout.

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Project Approach

Now it was time to head to the drawing board. Our design team started by getting a complete understanding of who Olsa Tools' customer is, and then going through a three phase design process to tease out the important features and functionality their customers required.

Once we had a design in place that their customers would love our development team went to work bringing it to life. Their decision to combine Gatsby with Shopify meant that Olsa Tools could keep their current workflows intact while reaping the benefits of unparalleled performance and accessibility. Once they were done bringing the design to the digital world, the development team gave the green light and it was time for launch!

That didn't mean our work was done however. Up until now our design team had been using intuition to determine what would increase conversion rates, but now it was finally time to ask their audience directly. Through a combination of A/B split testing, analytics and customer surveys our conversion team broke down the design pixel by pixel to optimize everything from the copywriting and layout to the shade of the checkout button.

Atomic Digital Studio has been fundamental to our growth. Their team was able to take our old site and the data and come up with a new website that takes visitors through a frictionless journey. Atomic was very great at communicating any concerns, delays or snags at every point in the process. I highly recommend Atomic Digital Studio for any web development needs.

Headshot of Alex Dumas

Alex Dumas

Marketing Manager at Olsa Tools

Project Outcome

We shared in Olsa Tools' excitement after crunching the numbers, when we found out that three months after launch their conversion rate had increased by a whopping 41.7%! Combining this with a modest 11.2% increase in average order value meant that Olsa Tools' project had been a massive success! Some of our other important metrics were a 470% decrease in time-to-interactive, 63% decrease in average page payload size, and an 8% increase in returning customer rate!