We’ll partner with your 7-Figure ecommerce brand brand and turn 20-45% more website visitors into lifelong customers using our proprietary R.O.C.K.E.T CRO framework.

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But unlike the thousands of agencies in your inbox and DMs this week we’ll prove it by building a FREE custom Growth Strategy for your brand that outlines the exact roadmap you can use to increase your CVR, LTV, Profit Margins and ROAS by 20-45% - Guaranteed.

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Higher Profit Margins

Better ROAS

More Returning Customers

Increased Revenue

Improved Customer Loyalty

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Getting traffic to your website is only a single part of the ecommerce equation. There are are two others.

And we’re going to tell you about them

The average ecommerce brand has a 2% CVR and 3x ROAS with 10% profit margins.

But the truth is, if you could go from converting 2 → 3 out of every 100 visitors into customers, ROAS would increase to 4.5x and profit margins would skyrocket to above 20%.

You could grow your brand without limits, target new customer segments, and experience unprecedented levels of success.

Never mind what would happen if you could get just 1 of those 3 customers to add a single extra product to their cart.

It seems simple, yet 95% of brands pour all of their resources into increasing traffic, never even considering if turning more of that traffic into customers would be a smarter decision.

We’re here to tell you it would.

And further than that - we’re here to show you how.

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Okay – but how does CRO really work?

Think of your website like a brick-and-mortar book store.

You might get a lot of people walking through the door and browsing the aisles, but if they don't buy anything, you're not making any money.

To solve you problem you would talk to past customers to to understand the books they’re reading, why they’re reading them, and why they come to your store as opposed to your competitor down the block.

And once you understand why they buy from you, you can draw conclusions about why they don’t.

Armed with that information, you would rearrange your store to make sure every visitor is greeted by the books they’re most likely to read, that they can easily find relevant genres and navigate around the store with ease, that purchasing a book is a seamless process, and that they trust your store is the best place to find a great page-turner.

At Atomic we apply the exact same methods to your ecommerce brand, turning 20-45% more of your website visitors into lifelong customers as a result.

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We’re giving away the complete roadmap for growth

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We’re giving away the complete roadmap for growth

Your Growth Strategy will include 200+ recommendations across 6 vital categories to turn 20-45% more of your website visitors into lifelong customers - Guaranteed!

After that we’ll even even go a step further, providing in-depth research and insights about your customers, your brand and your market positioning to use in other areas of your business.

And lastly – if you’re doing above 6-figures per month and are a good fit – we’ll include a complete project roadmap on top of an offer to partner with our team to grow your DTC brand!

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Atomic has been fundamental to our growth. They grew our bottom line by over $926k/yr (54%) by performing research, creating new landing pages, and guiding customers through a frictionless journey!

Alex Dumas

Marketing Manager at Olsa Tools

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Comparing Optimization against the Alternatives

Paid Ads, etc.
Conversion Rate
Better ROAS
Increased Revenue
Improved Profit Margins
More Returning Customers
Higher Customer Satisfaction
Enhanced Customer Loyalty

The clear winner

Experience Nuclear Growth With Our Proprietary R.O.C.K.E.T CRO Framework


Perform research to understand why customers buy from you and more importantly why they don’t.


Transform those insights into fixable issues and testable hypotheses and rank them in order of impact.


Meet with your team to understand business objectives and create an optimal project roadmap.


Fix the issues we are 100% confident will improve conversion rates and prepare your site for growth.


Develop experiments to validate hypotheses, implementing the winners and tossing the losers.


Analyze research and experiments to gather insights you can use in other areas of your business.

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The fastest-growing tool brand in North America boosts conversions by optimizing landing pages

+926k Annual Revenue

+41.7% Conversion Rate

+11.2% Average Order Value

Lifestyle event platform increases signups by redesigning website to reduce friction and increase trust.

+709k Annual Revenue

+72.4% Conversion Rate

+26.6% Average Order Value

DTC furniture brand skyrockets sales by offering personalized recommendations to customers.

+621k Annual Revenue

+46.3% Conversion Rate

+12.8% Average Order Value

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